How to attract more money in your life

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How to attract more money in your life

To answer this question I spent experiment with 10 men. Within 3 months of these people fought diaries, where we all cost.On the site are unique hints as accept the money in your life.

There are many different theories on how to achieve wealth and prosperity. Today most bookshops are overwhelmed by the shelves of books, wealth, success and prosperity. Certainly almost every one of you ever read or at least kept in the hands of the book of such content. And that from this?
And the fact that many of these books contain not only useful but sometimes very harmful information. And how to understand the ordinary person who engages in the hands of book next guru, where in the record the correct and useful information, and where the dangerous virus collected which not only can you not achieve wealth and prosperity, but lose the big.

In fact, that most of these books were written in the last century. Some 20-30 years ago. The information contained in them, quite possibly worked for the 20th century, but today most part no longer valid.

Let's look at one of the principles to achieve wealth, which quite often is known and popular authors, but for most people is not working. This principle States that you must strictly control their costs, every day, record them and try to save each month minimum 10% of their income. And if you choose not to optional and unnecessary spending and will save every day, in theory you each month will become more and more money. And you'll be stocked and wealthy. But let's think about whether this is in fact.

To answer this question I spent experiment with 10 men. Within 3 months of these people fought diaries, where we all costs. They have limited consumption of certain products, tried to spend less money on optional, in their view of things. In the beginning of each month delayed 10 per cent of their income. There followed authors popular books on enrichment. And here were 3 months. How do you think, what was the result?

From 8 out of 10 people monthly expenses during the test period exceeded the normal 10-30%! One human cost stagnated. And only one person could really something. Why happened? Indeed, logically they spend less than before and had to save some money. But actually, everything is very simple. The universe always gives us what we expect from it. And when we say to you: "everything this month begins limits their costs. Not going to buy that. And this can be deleted. And if expecting to diet, you will save you a bit more, then it seems obvious to us that such action will inevitably lead us to improve our financial independence. But not here. Universe perceives this information on their own.

When you state that are about to begin the universe, save, it picks up so that you don't have enough money, that you cannot earn more that you can not self-supporting. So you and want to start saving. And immediately starts to prove you your rightness. You appear contingencies, to work suddenly revoked bonuses or thirteenth you steal money and even thousands of different options for how the universe will reflect your beliefs in relation to the money. That is what happened during the test period. 8 out of 10 people spend less money on seemingly unnecessary things and when approached by the end of the month, it seemed that they-savings. But almost always happened any unforeseen event, which had led them to spend not only deferred 10%, but even on a 10-30% more. The universe as we spoke: "are you afraid that you don't have enough money? I will do everything that you have not been disappointed in their beliefs.

It is very important to understand that saving money, you will never become truly wealthy. If you are delayed $ 100 every month, how many years do you need to buy your home, car, visit all interesting to you? Felt? You can enjoy so much?
When you begin to save, you thereby accept of that money, not enough of them at all, so you want to save. And the thought process to transmit to the various options for savings. No way has this path led you to wealth. Better ponder how you can earn more. Envision and create there, improve their skills, find better-paid jobs, asks the boss to raise wages to find additional income. Thousands of options, General want to see. In most cases, to increase the salary you simply stop afraid and make at least a small step forward.

Why one of the subjects is still was able to save some amount? Most likely, this man was able to do it mechanically, not investing in the process any emotions. He did not want to save, but simply responsibly fulfilled my request. Other participants invested in this process their emotions, really wanted to save and carefully restrict it in many things, like speaking thus universe that cannot afford this buy. And she, in turn, reflects their thoughts.

So how do you want to apply to the money? Do they need to be recklessly squandered? It and before bankruptcy near!

And the universe certainly arose a relevant question: "what you are keeping the money? The black day? Okay, will be a black day. And not even one.

Reply to this question. Not be afraid over the money, not in pleasant purchases not to bed every night with the idea that tomorrow you won't have any money. Money is power. And energy needs constant movement.
Imagine that you have a certain margin of love. You are very afraid of losing it and decide to address its savings. You think that if you love at give and left to right, then very quickly this runs out of, and you will remain. Now imagine you do not love you give to your relatives, friends, simply familiar people. Not rejoice and does not enjoy yourselves safe life. Submitted? Do you think someone wanted to love this person? After some time, all disperse themselves from it.
The same is true with money, if you are sitting in the chest with your wealth and afraid of his open accidentally don't no coin you, of course, save your his capital, but because the luggage permanently closed, and in him no coin cannot. Therefore, buying something, issue their money with joy and pleasure. Still not for them. Believe that money always enough for you and soon you will get much more than just spent. And if you lose a specific amount not be afraid and not sorrow, certainly soon you will get from the universe decent compensation.

But what people's proverb "kopeck ruble saves"? Yes, of course, people who adhere to this principle, indeed a small State, make themselves constantly count all their savings and very afraid of losing it. But no one had conducted experiments, how would these people richer if the money is calmer.

In turn, you don't want to treat money roughly. If these they also hardly wish to come to you. Ideal perceive money quietly and neutral. As one way to achieve your goals. Universe izobilny. For it anyway, give you $ 1 or $ 1 billion. This you yourself acknowledge that 1 billion dollars earn unrealistic, but even 500-600$ is very real for you. But the universe and 1 dollar and 1 billion dollars are no larger than the leaves on the trees. And only people this strips this value, thus limiting the natural flow of money in their lives.
The best way out is to go on their way of life, dignity and sincere objectives, then the money you necessarily appear in the correct number for you. Can feel how they will come into your life. This is not your problem. Universe that to all of your goals you have enough money. />

But in any case, think only his head. If the principle of works for you, saving decline, can safely continue to use it. Possible for some people this is the best way to achieve financial independence.
But in no case, don't be afraid to change something in their life and experiment. Only truly what steps and buying their personal experience, you can become rich and richest man.

In the area of money. Glossary of terms.

LEASING - style financial services related to form the acquisition of fixed assets.

Both lessor agrees to purchase the property specified by clients property at the specified salesperson and grant the recipient of leasing this property for a fee to temporary possession and use for business purposes. Contract may provide that the choice of the seller and the acquired property makes leaser. Can initially be leaser owner property (combine your face salesperson).

In fact, leasing is a long-term lease of property for business purposes and ransom, which holds some tax preferences.

Depending on the term of the useful life of an object of leasing and lease economic entities are distinguished:

Financial leasing (finance lease). Term lease is comparable with a useful life of the lease object. As a rule at the end of lease residual value object leasing close to zero and the object of leasing may go to the recipient of leasing . In fact is one way to attract lessee Trust Fund (in order to obtain the object leasing). Operational (operational) leasing. Term lease substantially less life use object leasing. At the end of the leasing contract or lessor object is returned and can be passed in leasing again or repurchasing lessee for residual value. Economic entity is close to the lease.
In leasing contracts may be provided for the maintenance of the supplied equipment, training and so on in the contract are possible provisions on the right (or responsibilities) with the lessee buy goods upon expiration of the lease. Typically installed base period during which the parties do not have the right to terminate the contract leasing.

The acquisition of fixed assets in the form of leasing will reduce the tax burden of the enterprise. In particular, payments under leasing contracts reduce taxable base profits are cost). In addition, accelerated depreciation (3) allows the holder of the balance reduce base for calculation of the property tax base and to further reduce profits tax calculation. Planning flows VAT leasing requires careful approach in accordance with existing regulations and, sometimes, can provide additional benefits when leasing.